Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Tethr GPS Dog Tag and how does it work?

Tether is a GPS-enabled dog tag that provides real-time tracking of your four-legged friend.  If they get lost or go out exploring without you, you can easily track your pet's location almost in over 100 countries using our free smartphone app or website.  You can also set alerts to be notified if your pet leaves a predetermined area- like your backyard.


Is the Tethr GPS Dog Tag waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof and durable.  We're currently working on our IP67 certification.


Is there a service plan required to use Tethr?

Tethr uses a pre-loaded SIM card and GPS receiver to locate your pet's location in real time.  With all GPS devices there is a service fee. We're currently ironing out details with an international provider to offer annual plans at $29.99. Other companies typically charge an annual or monthly fee - starting at $79+ a year.


Will the Tethr GPS Dog Tag work outside of cellular service?

The first version of Tethr GPS Dog Tag utilizes a 3G roaming cellular network to locate your lost pet.  What does that mean?  It means we use multiple phone carriers to get the most coverage of any pet tracking device.  In the US we're covered by AT&T and T-Mobile (click to see their coverage)

Note: We're currently working on a version that will be able to be tracked independent of cell networks :)


Is the Tethr GPS Dog Tag available outside of the U.S.?

Yes. You will be able to purchase directly from our website or Amazon. The Tethr tracker will work in over 100 countries.  View the full list.


How does the Tethr GPS Dog Tag attach to my pet’s collar?

Tethr is similar in size to a traditional dog tag, just a bit thicker.  Simply attach it by the key ring- the same way as any traditional dog or cat tag.


Is the Tethr App free?

Yes.  It will be available for Apple iOS, Android, and as a website on your desktop computer


When can I buy Tethr GPS Dog Tag?

Tethr is currently in beta and will be available for pre-order Winter 2016, with product delivering 2-3 months there after.  Sign up to receive updates, so you'll be the first to know when we launch :)


How long does the Tethr GPS Dog Tag battery last?

Tethr uses a rechargeable lithium ion based  battery.  Our unique patent-pending battery technology is currently rated to last for over one year on a single charge- that's 20 times longer than similar product on the market!  Battery life will depend on how often you track your dog.  If you have an escape artist on your hands, you'll need to charge more frequently.


How much will it cost?

Final manufacturing and pricing is still to be determined, although we will be pre-selling Tethr for $99 via a crowdfunding campaign starting in April 2016.  After that, it will retail for $139.


Does the Tethr GPS Dog Tag have activity (or continuous)  monitoring?

No, Tethr does not passively log your pets activity, calories burned, or body temperature.  Devices that track that data have a battery life of about 3 days.  Our goal is to be a safety blanket for your pet in case they get lost- a long lasting battery is a key component of that.


How is the Tethr GPS Dog Tag different from a microchip?

Tethr GPS Dog Tag is the best proactive device to find your furry friend when they are lost.  Whereas traditional microchipping and RFID tags are a reactive technology to finding your pet.  They can only be found if someone has a special device to read the tag- making it useless to most of the population outside of shelters.  This process could take hours or days, but with Tethr GPS Pet Tracker you can locate your pet in a matter of minutes.